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Some say it is The Greatest Hostel of All Time. "The King of Hostels", said one satisfied backpacker, a Miss Tessa Roberts. "A hostel to rule all hostels", said another, Bryan Silvey. Legend has it that Chuck Norris once stayed at Oasis and marked it with his territorial Chuck Norris scent, which he uses to indicate approval.

There is nothing we hate more here at Oasis than average hostels. We believe that your hosteling experience should be a memory that will stick with you forever. And great memories are formed not by great facilities, although Oasis boasts that it is one of the cleanest and airiest hostels in Mexico, has a roof-terrace with sunbeds and great views, an awesome DVD collection, some of the best breakfast eggs you are likely to taste this side of... well, the Land with No Eggs (yes, Adela, we love you), stylish Mexican decoration, etc etc. But what really makes a hostel are the PEOPLE. The atmosphere. The attitude it encourages. And while other hostels in Puerto Vallarta offer a perfectly good place to sleep, Oasis Hostel has that all-important quality that is the reason backpackers choose hostels over cheap hotels: IT'S FUN.

In April 2010 Hostel World customers voted Oasis Hostel their favorite of all of the hostels in Mexico. Our secret? We don't just give you a bed and a locker, like the majority of the hostels out there. We show you a good time. (Check out our visitors' photos on facebook...) In no other hostel will you get the organized nights out, the trips, the personal attention, the local knowledge, the opportunities to get involved with local projects and the fundamental friendliness that you find here.

What's more, we have the important advantage of being all-Mexican and family-run. Unlike the other hostels in Puerto Vallarta, we are located in a traditional Mexican barrio, which means great tacos, local people, local prices. In short, a bit of the real Mexico.

But hey, don't take our word for it. We're already here, on the beautiful Mexican Pacific coast, sipping cold beer on the terrace as the sun goes down after a day at the beach and hanging out with new friends, all laid-back travellers from across the globe. If you wanna join us, drop us a line. We'll keep one cool for you.
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Oasis Hostel
Libramiento 222
Colonia Benito Juarez
Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
Tel: +52 322 222 2636
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